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Dr. Anna Böhmer has been awarded a Helmholtz research grant

January 2015

Dr. Anna BöhmerThe Helmholtz Association (HGF) has awarded 19 recently qualified scientists a grant in the Postdoc programme. Dr. Anna Böhmer, of the Institute of Solid State Physics (IFP), who carried out her PhD with the Topic 1 of the Programme STN is the sole candidate from KIT to achieve this distinction.

Dr. Anna Böhmer studied Physics at the University of Karlsruhe, now KIT, and the École Polytechnique in Paris. Her Master and PhD theses were on the theme of super conductors and competing phases in iron-based super conductors. She was awarded her PhD with distinction in May 2014 at the KIT Faculty of Physics and received the Erika und Dr. Wolfgang Eichelberger prize for her dissertation.

In the course of her Post Doc career Anna Böhmer will pursue research for new materials with strong electronic correlation and specific properties such as e.g. the occurrence of magnetism or super-conductance. The research will be carried out at the IFP and the Ames Laboratory in Iowa, USA.

The Helmholtz Postdoc Programme is aimed at young scientists and academics who will receive €100,000 annually for a period of up to three years. The grants provide the flexibility and means to cover travel expenses arising from a stay abroad during the grant period. In addition, Helmholtz postdocs can attend courses offered by the Helmholtz Management Academy to develop their management skills.