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STN Programme
Head: Prof. Dr. Horst Hahn / Prof. Dr. Jan G. Korvink


KIT-Campus North
Building 440

H.-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
76344 Eggenstein-Leop.

phone: +49(721)608-25578
fax: +49(721)608-25579
e-mail: infoYsq5∂stn kit edu

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F3 Factory

F3 Factory

Dr. K. Haas-Santo





The project will have a duration of four years and a budget of about EUR 30 millions. 18 million Euros will be funded by the EU within the framework of the 7th Framework Programme. F3 Factory stands for "flexible, fast, and future factory": By means of faster and more flexible production methods, the consortium intends to enhance the technical lead of European chemical industry in the world and to improve competitiveness. It is aimed at methodologically developing the modular, continuously operated factory (F3 Factory), standardizing pertinent processes and interfaces, and demonstrating its feasibility in terms of concrete products. Efficiency and scalability of world-scale plants shall be combined with the flexibility of batch-type facilities. Integrated process intensification strategies shall be applied in order to save resources and energy.

Source: KIT Press Release 059/2009